Areas that we cover;

We are based in East Kilbridge and can provide all our services to North and South Lanarkshire, more specific areas include; Strathaven, Wishaw, Blantyre, Lesmahagow, Stonehouse, Carluke, Motherwell, Larkhall, East Kilbridge, Hamilton, Bellshill, Airdire, and Coatbridge.

If you would like any more information on our maintenance plan to enable your system is in working order throughout the year, then please don’t hesitate to call us at our East Kilbride number on 01355 512 021 or our Lanarkshire number on 01698 642 017. Or we can be contacted here online.



Security alarm and CCTV systems installed by Redline
come with a 3 years warranty providing you service the system each year (2
services in total within the 3 years), the warranty will be covered 3 years
from the installation date, the warranty covers any faults with the system and
does not cover accidental damage.

Batteries must be changed in wireless security alarms every 2 years to

avoid false triggering. This means every second service we will change 

the batteries in your system.

Servicing costs are as follows:

Full service on alarm or CCTV system - £55.00 + Vat

Full service on both system if you have alarm and CCTV
- £85.00 + Vat

If you have a wireless security alarm, we would change
batteries every 2 years, the cost of the batteries follows:

Wireless sensor batteries (motion sensors, door
sensors etc) - £2.00 + Vat each

Outdoor wireless bell unit batteries - £15.00 + Vat

Wireless keypads - £10.00 + Vat each

Wireless key fob batteries - £3.50 + Vat each

If you use the smart phone app for your security alarm
this has a yearly subscription fee of £12.00 + Vat for the year. If you use an
app for CCTV there is no subscription for this.


When the warranty expires on your security system you
can still service the system at the same costs as above to keep your system
maintained, however there would be no cover throughout the year if any faults
occur and would result in additional charges.

We offer a labour only contract alternative when your
warranty expires which means we service the system and cover any labour costs
for 1 year from the service for any faults with the system, accidental damage
and parts are not covered. The costs of this are as follows:

Full service and labour contract for 1 year on alarm
or CCTV system - £65.00 + Vat

Full service on both systems and labour contract for 1
year if you have alarm and CCTV - £95.00 + Vat

Batteries would still be changed every 2 years at the
same costs as above.

Smart phone app usage for the alarm system would still
be charged at £12.00 + Vat per year.