Full Maintenance Cover for Alarms and CCTV in South and North Lanarkshire

At Redline Electronics we believe that high-quality maintenance service is a critical part of providing our customers in south and north Lanarkshire. Our engineers will be able to provide you with information to enable your Alarms and CCTV can provide you with long lasting safety.

We understand that spending additional money on the systems is not ideal; therefore our full maintenance cover offers an affordable long term-investment. The cover includes a full inspection and testing every year and replacing any parts or batteries.

Why is the maintenance of CCTV so important to your home?

Each property can be suitable for a possible break-in, therefore having a working CCTV system is an important safeguard which can prevent this from happening. As a family run business we understand the importance of a working system, which is why we provide annual maintenance
of CCTV’s.

It’s ideal to frequently have your CCTV checked, over time some of your assets may have changed position, therefore your current CCTV setup will not be useful. Moreover, if the cameras were to fail during a break-in, you may find it more difficult to get a full pay out from insurers.

Why an intruder alarm needs maintenance?

For an alarm to operate effectively it’s vital that it receives regular checks and maintenance.
Here at Redline Electronics, we understand the importance of feeling safe within your home, therefore we are proud to offer an extensive maintenance package.

It is important that after installation it is kept in an excellent working order, with regular maintenance of alarms this can happen. This will enable the alarm to continue its reliability, we understand that the alarms can go wrong through age. However, with yearly maintenance visits we can identify these issues before you system fails when you urgently need it. Furthermore, the maintenance cover for alarms will reduce costs in the long run. Maintenance visits cost a lot less than an emergency call out and you’ll also have peace of mind that your system is covered by us for many years to come.

Areas that we cover;

We are based in East Kilbridge and can provide all our services to North and South Lanarkshire, more specific areas include; Strathaven, Wishaw, Blantyre, Lesmahagow, Stonehouse, Carluke, Motherwell, Larkhall, East Kilbridge, Hamilton, Bellshill, Airdire, and Coatbridge.

If you would like any more information on our maintenance plan to enable your system is in working order throughout the year, then please don’t hesitate to call us at our East Kilbride number on 01355 512 021 or our Lanarkshire number on 01698 642 017. Or we can be contacted here online.