Your living room brings people together, so you want it to look welcoming and comfortable and cosy. This isn’t the case when your television wires and console wires are cluttering the space around the television in knots and tangles. TV wall mounting in Bellshill places your television mid-way up your living room wall and conceals the wires behind it, so only the screen and television box are visible. This not only betters your viewing experience, making programmes seem more cinematic, but it also helps to tidy away these unsightly wires.

Redline Electronics is a family-run company that appreciates families spending time together in communal and comfortable rooms like the living room, which is why we provide TV wall mounting in Bellshill at honest and competitive prices.

Our Bellshill TV Wall Mounting Services

How our team will help you with your TV wall mounting needs:

Hidden Cabling Specialists 

We know that one of the most attractive features of TV wall mounting is being able to hide the mass of cables that every modern TV comes with. This makes the living room seem a lot friendlier, especially if the room is on the front of your house and visible through your front-facing windows. We provide a TV wall mounting service in Bellshill that conceals cabling within every type of wall, including brick walls.

Power sockets & different cabling

To hide plugs, we can install power sockets behind the television in its new position so you will be free from trailing wires. We can also hide the mass of wires that include HMDI cables, scart cables, aerial cabling, satellite cabling, sound cabling and even digital television cables inside the living room wall. We will hide all of these cables to help your living room feel more neat and stylish.

Brackets and Shelving

For TV wall mounting, you will need brackets to hold your television securely in place. We provide all kinds of brackets, including small flat brackets and large swivel brackets for adjustable TV angles, and install them for you. We are also happy to install any shelves you may have purchased to place television boxes and consoles on. We’re even happy to install a new electric fire beneath the television if you’ve purchased one!

Better Watching Experience

Elevating your television higher up the living room wall ensures a better viewing experience for communal television watching. Films, series, and sporting events will seem even more cinematic and exciting, and everyone will be able to see clearly. TV wall mounting helps to make your communal television watching more immersive and engaging, whilst the tidied away cables give the room a more organised and stylish appeal.   

Why Choose Us?

Redline Electronics have built up a reputation of high-quality and reliability, and this is reflected in our many TrustPilot and Checkatrade reviews from happy customers. We’re known for TV wall mounting in Bellshill, so to find out more and receive your free initial quotation, speak to a member of our experienced and qualified team today.

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