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    TV Acoustic Paneling Feature Wall Hamilton ML3.

    Today's TV Acoustic wall paneling TV Feature wall installation in Hamilton ML3 area, supplied and installed Deep Walnut paneling, our client asked them to be installed horizontal behind the TV with all cabling hidden inside the wall.

    We also installed the clients Sky box behind the TV so no need for any TV units.

    Call now on 01698 642017 for more information.

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    Does My Burglar Alarm Need Repair? | 3 Signs Your Alarm System Needs Repair

    Does My Burglar Alarm Need Repair?

    Alarm systems are a great investment to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe and protected. It can be very worrying if they aren’t working effectively, which is why it’s so important to know the main signs of faults in your home security system, and when to call for professional repair. Below is our quick guide to faulty alarms.

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    The Popularity for CCTV Security in Homes Has Wildly Increased in the UK

    You may or may not be surprised to learn that home CCTV systems have spiked in popularity over the last few years. With over 5.2 million cameras installed in homes across the UK be that in the form of cameras or camera doorbells, many homeowners are choosing to increase their levels of security and safety at home.

    Here at Redline Electronics, our team have been installing CCTV systems across Glasgow and Lanarkshire for many years, offering our customers great peace of mind that they are protecting their home and family with their new added security system.

    To find out more about our home CCTV installations, get in touch with our specialist team today, or continue reading to gain an insight into why CCTV systems are growing increasingly popular.

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    Benefits of Home CCTV Systems in Glasgow

    Here at Redline Electronics, our team are committed to providing quality home CCTV installations across Glasgow and surrounding areas. If you’ve been thinking about getting a CCTV system set up in your home, there are many benefits you could experience with a brand new installation from our team of specialists. To find out more, continue reading, or get in touch today to talk you through your home CCTV options.

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    If you’ve been toying with the idea of TV wall mounting but are concerned about how it might affect your walls, there is no need to worry.

    When you choose professional TV wall mounting from our specialist team in Glasgow and Lanarkshire, you are guaranteed to receive the best standard of work that not only provides the solution you are looking for but completes it in a way that causes no damage to your wall.Below we have listed a few more reasons to choose Redline Electronics to provide your TV wall mounting service. Operating across Glasgow and Lanarkshire, you can book an appointment today by calling 01698 642 017.

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    Protecting Your Family with Home CCTV Systems

    Ensuring that your household and family-members within it are safe and secure at all times can offer great peace of mind and the ability to truly relax.

    CCTV systems are a great way to help deter crime, providing full HD and full colour footage of the goings-on outside of your home.

    Our team have been providing CCTV installations across Lanarkshire and Glasgow for many years now, helping our clients to feel safe in their homes, fully equipping them with a high-quality home security system that they can rely on.

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    TV Wall Mounting in Glasgow, For the Perfect Entertaining Space

    At Redline Electronics, we specialise in providing professional TV wall mounting for homes in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

    There are many benefits of getting your TV wall mounted, from achieving the best viewing angle through to maximising the amount of space in your room. One of the key reasons people choose TV wall mounting is the multitude of benefits it can have when you are entertaining.

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  • 15/12/2020 0 Comments
    Do CCTV security systems deter crime in Lanarkshire and Glasgow?

    There are many reasons that households and businesses in Lanarkshire and Glasgow choose to install a CCTV security system on the outside of their home or company building. 

    Having a visible CCTV camera installation is indeed an effective way to help deter criminal offences taking place outside of your building, but there are many other benefits of installing a high-quality security system to your property.

    At Redline Electronics, we have been installing CCTV systems for many years, including full HD and full colour night vision cameras for homes and businesses across Lanarkshire and Glasgow. Our team have compiled a list of reasons, beyond deterring crime, that a CCTV security system could be beneficial.

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