Security Alarm Systems in Glasgow: Full Home Protection

With Redline Electronics, your home’s security is our priority. As a security company in Glasgow, we have worked to help countless people deter would-be burglars and protect their homes. Our alarm systems include many great features:

  • Hybrid wired and wireless
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Pet-friendly sensors
  • Hard-wired bell units

For the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art alarm systems available today, get in touch and we can help you keep your home safe.

About Us: Security Experts

With many years of experience in the trade, we understand home security inside and out. We have been installing burglar alarms in Lanarkshire for many years, and in that time we have learned the difference between a secure and a vulnerable home. Above all, our goal is to make you feel comfortable in your home. As a local family business, you can put your trust in us.

Security Alarms: The Benefits

Security alarms come with a huge range of benefits for any home, including but not limited to the obvious advantages. These benefits include:

Home Protection

Firstly and most importantly, alarm systems will protect your home in the case of burglaries. They may in the first place simply deter potential burglars before they try anything–but a triggered system will certainly send them on their way.

Home insurance premiums

Robust and professionally installed home security systems, like our alarms, can reduce the price of your insurance.

Simple & easy to use

With our alarms, everything is made easy and convenient for you. They can be set and unset with a smartphone app and with 1 button settings for night and panic alarms.

Fire alarm

Our alarm systems are now available with built-in heat, smoke, and CO2 detection, alerting your smartphone while you’re out. This means that you can protect your home in the case of a fire when no one is home.

Security alarm systems

Most security alarms these days are wireless systems, our new Pyronix wireless alarms have all the latest technology in them as standard, including mobile phone app smart setting and un-setting, pet friendly motion sensors, panic alarms, hard wired outdoor bell units with full LED illumination at night. These alarms are mess and hassle free as the sensors are wireless there is no mess from installing cabling all over homes, simple to use with quick set arming by pressing 2 buttons on the keypad.

New key fob remotes are now introduced with 1 button setting, night setting and panic alarms.

Monitor your home anywhere in the world with our new wireless alarm system, when triggered it will contact your phone directly, and you can install this system to as many phones as you like, this means when the alarm is triggered, all phones will be notified.

Most homes would have motion sensors in all rooms downstairs and have all doors covered by door sensors, some homes may benefit from sensors upstairs also. Our systems can now include new smoke, detectors, heat and CO2 to be linked into the alarm, this means if there is a fire and no one is home, you will be notified through the app.

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