TV wall mounting in Blantyre is incredibly popular for families and homeowners, because it helps to maximise the use of your space whilst also hiding unsightly wires and cables. This involves
mounting the television on the wall but concealing the wires behind your wall, successfully blending your television into the room without wires across the wall or floor. TV wall mounting in Blantyre also gives you and your family a better viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy quality times and quality programmes together!

Redline Electronics are a family-run company, so we understand how important it is to make your shared living spaces feel homely and look nice. This is why we provide TV wall mounting at competitive prices after an honest and free initial quote.

Our Blantyre TV Wall Mounting Services

How our team will help you with your TV wall mounting needs:

Hidden Cabling Specialists 

TV wall mounting in Blantyre is most popular for concealing television cables, as these stray wires are collected behind the wall so they are out of sight. This is very attractive for families and homeowners, because it means no trailing or dangling wires from your newly mounted TV. We’re able to do this with any wall types, including brick walls, and will happily take on a range of complex or tricky mount jobs.

Power sockets & different cabling

If your television was previously plugged into a socket that was near the floor, we can simply install a new one higher up to ensure it blends into your TV wall mounting perfectly. We can also hide a range of cables including HDMI cables, scart cables, aerial cabling, satellite cabling, surround sound wires and digital television all with a seamless finish.

Brackets and Shelving

We provide and install the brackets that are needed for your television wall mounting, from small brackets to large swivel brackets for adjustable TV angles, and will provide these depending on the size of TV. As well as this, we will also install any shelves you have bought to hold television boxes and consoles, and our team will even install your new electric fireplace beneath the TV if you’ve recently purchased one.

Better Watching Experience

TV wall mounting in Blantyre turns television time into a more inclusive family experience, because with the TV elevated it also ensures that nobody’s view is blocked. You will also enjoy the appearance of your living room more having made the most of the space and hiding the wires, especially if your living room can be seen through front-facing windows. TV wall mounting helps to make programmes and films more immersive, so you and those close to you can enjoy programmes and series together.

Why Choose Us?

Redline Electronics are a family-run company, so we understand the importance of maximising the friendliness of your living spaces. We provide high-quality electrical services in Blantyre that have earned us a vast array of reviews across Trust Pilot and Checkatrade. Speak to a member of our team today to receive your free initial quotation.

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