TV wall mounting in Glasgow raises your television further up your living room wall to enhance your viewing experience and create extra space in your communal area. Bring family and friends together to enjoy the latest shows, films, and sporting events with a more cinematic experience of an elevated television. As well as opening up space in your living room, our Redline Electronics team will also conceal the cables belonging to your television in the wall it is mounted on, helping to neaten up knots of wires and hide them away out of sight.

Redline Electronics are a family-run company, so we appreciate how important good quality family time is to a busy household. This is why we believe TV wall mounting in Glasgow helps to create a more welcoming atmosphere, because everyone can sit together and enjoy the latest in films and series.

Our Glasgow TV Wall Mounting Services

Our dedicated team will assist you with your TV wall mounting needs:

Hidden Cabling Specialists 

When you elevate your television with Glasgow TV wall mounting, you may be concerned about trailing wires and cables ruining the visual effect. This is something our team will address for you when we visit your property, because we ensure that all cables and wires are hidden within the wall that the TV is mounted on, so you can enjoy a neater looking living room. This ensures that space is opened up beneath the television as well as the sides, making sure nothing disrupts the smooth appearance of the wall or distracts you from your programmes.

Power sockets & different cabling

Because moving your television means moving your plug socket to avoid trailing wires, we of course undertake this too. We’ll relocate your plug socket to closer to your television’s new position, so it is partially concealed yet still accessible. We can also hide HMDI cables, scart cables, aerial cabling, satellite cabling, sound cabling, and even Virgin Media and BT wires within the wall to keep your living room’s appearance tidy and organised and free from disorganised cables.

Brackets and Shelving

We provide a wide range of brackets suitable for different sized televisions, from smaller flat brackets right up to large swivel brackets ideal for adjustable TV angles. We will install these for you as well as install shelving units you may have purchased in order to hold your television boxes and consoles beneath the newly elevated TV. We can even install a new electric fire beneath the television if you’ve recently bought one for the purpose!

Better Watching Experience

Your living room is the place in the house where every member of your family or household can come to relax communally, so boost your TV watching experience with Glasgow TV wall mounting. The elevated position of the television helps to increase visibility of the screen with minimal risk of obscuring it and also creates a more cinematic experience for films and shows.The aesthetic appeal of tidying away these running wires will no doubt also help you to relax in the living room, because it will feel well-ordered and welcoming.

Why Choose Us?

At Redline Electronics we’ve worked hard to build our reputation into the impressive feat it is today, and this is exemplified by our many customer reviews on platforms such as Checkatrade and TrustPilot. To find out more about our Glasgow TV wall mounting services, get in touch today to arrange your free initial consultation today.

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