TV WALL MOUNTING in Lesmahagow

TV wall mounting in Lesmahagow doesn’t just raise your television higher up your wall to enhance viewing experience, but it also opens up new space in the room and conceals any trailing cables within the wall. Your living room and communal spaces will benefit greatly from TV wall mounting,
especially in family or busy homes that enjoy gathering round the television to 
enjoy the latest films, series, and sporting events. With Redline Electronics, we conceal any wires and cables within your living room wall, leaving the space below and around your wall mounted television free and clear.

Redline Electronics are a family-run business that believe in the importance of spending time together, which is why we provide TV wall mounting in Lesmahagow. Our team will work closely with you to create more space in your living room, improve viewing experience, and conceal
trailing cables with professional television wall mounting.

Our Lesmahagow TV Wall Mounting Services

Our dedicated team will assist you with your TV wall mounting needs:

Hidden Cabling Specialists 

TV wall mounting in Lesmahagow isn’t just about improving your viewing experience, but about creating new space in your living room and improving how it feels to relax in too. This is why we conceal wires and cables behind the television in the wall, opening up new space at the sides of and beneath your television. We can provide this service for all wall types, including brick walls, and our team will also install any units like shelves or blocks you have purchased to support consoles and television boxes. Our team is here to help your living room appear more spacious and tidy with TV wall mounting.

Power sockets & different cabling

If the power socket that your television is plugged into is closer to the floor, we will of course relocate this to place it behind the television and concealed by the wall, yet still with easy access. This allows us to hide other cables too, such as HDMI cables, scart cables, aerial cabling, satellite cabling, sound cabling, and even digital television cabling. We will help to neaten up and organise your wires by concealing them behind your living room wall as part of our TV wall mounting services.

Brackets and Shelving

We provide a wide range of different brackets to secure televisions of all sizes to your wall, including small flat brackets suitable for smaller monitors and larger swivel brackets for adjustable TV angles. Our team will also install any new shelving units you may have purchased to support game consoles and television boxes to keep them from simply sitting unceremoniously on the floor. With the new space opened up beneath by TV wall mounting, we can even install a new electric fire if you’ve recently purchased one!

Better Watching Experience

TV wall mounting in Lesmahagow opens up new space in your living room and communal areas, but it also improves the viewing experience of your friends and family. With the television moved higher up the wall the view is less likely to be obscured by people moving around, and it makes every film, series, or sports event seem that much more cinematic and immersive. Not only this, but it improves the appearance of your living room which may be especially important to you if it is visible from the street through front-facing windows.

Why Choose Us?

At Reldine Electronics, our family-run company has worked hard over the years to maintain our exceptional reputation, evidenced by our many reviews across TrustPilot and Checkatrade. To find out more about our TV wall mounting services in Lesmahagow, get in touch with our team for a free initial consultation today.

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