TV WALL MOUNTING in Rutherglen

TV wall mounting in Rutherglen helps to bring families together, making the latest films, series, and sporting events that much more communal and immersive. TV wall mounting doesn’t only improve your viewing experience of some of your favourite shows, but it also helps to create new space by placing your TV higher up the wall and concealing any trailing wires behind your living
room wall. We know that family time is important and bringing people together is the sole purpose of your living room, which is why we recommend Rutherglen TV wall mounting for all family homes that want to enjoy time together.

As a family-run business, we believe in making your living room comfortable, immersive, and open to all. Creating space and concealing trailing wires and power sockets helps to improve the visual
appeal of your living room, something that may be very attractive to you if your communal space is on the front of your house and visible through a front-facing window.

Our Rutherglen TV Wall Mounting Services

Our dedicated team will assist you with your TV wall mounting needs:

Hidden Cabling Specialists 

Our TV wall mounting services will help to improve how you feel in your living room, because they will help to create extra space, conceal trailing wires, and create a more comfortable appearance to the communal family room. We hide the television wires behind the wall that your television is mounted on, clearing space to the sides of and beneath your television. This leaves plenty of space to install shelves beneath the television to house any consoles or TV boxes, and our expert finish ensures the appearance is smooth and seamless after installation.

Power sockets & different cabling

If your television is currently sat closer to the floor, then no doubt it is plugged into a lower down plug socket. Instead of trailing wires between this power socket and your new TV wall mounting in Rutherglen, we’ll relocate this plug socket to higher up the wall so that the wire may be concealed. We also hide HDMI cables, scart cables, aerial cabling, satellite cabling, sound cabling, and even digital media wires behind your wall and out of view.

Brackets and Shelving

We provide a wide range of brackets necessary to securing your Rutherglen TV wall mounting properly, which include smaller brackets for smaller monitors and large swivel brackets for adjustable television angles. We will even install sound boxes and shelving in the space created beneath your elevated television, and we could even install an electric fire if you’ve purchased one previously.

Better Watching Experience

TV wall mounting in Rutherglen improves the viewing experience of those in your home, because the elevated TV will lessen any risks of obscuring the view of the screen. It also helps to ensure that whatever you watch, be it a film or a sporting event, will be more cinematic and immersive for all involved. Opening up the space in your living room will look visually appealing, too, especially from front-facing windows that mean your room is visible from the street.

Why Choose Us?

Our team at Redline Electronics strive to constantly deliver exceptional customers service that exceeds your expectations and our reputation has continued to grow alongside our customer reviews on industry-leading platforms TrustPilot and Checkatrade. Get in touch today to discuss our Rutherglen TV wall mounting services and to arrange your free initial consultation today.

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