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Finance Available - 4 camera kits from £87 per month (12 months)

Installing an Alarm or CCTV system into your home can provide a huge sense of security where you may not have normally felt safe. Whether you’re in an area where the crime rate is high or if you simply want to protect yourself and loved ones, Redline Electronics can help you. Home CCTV systems are being used more and more to ensure they are protected against the worst. Proven to deter criminal activity by simply being visible to potential threats, a CCTV security system could bring you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

The CCTV systems we use are only Hikvision 8mp 4K IP systems, these are extremely high resolution, with full color night vision cameras meaning you can protect your home with Redline Electronics knowing you have the best system available. Our family run business specializes in full 4K IP security camera systems, we have gained a wealth of knowledge through our experience in the security industry which is reflected in our excellent online reviews. You can trust our fully registered company to give you high-quality results. We also install Ring doorbell systems.

Our Alarm & CCTV features

The CCTV systems we supply and install are the best quality only using 4K IP security systems, you will achieve a far greater image quality than the standard analogue CCTV HD quotations other companies can offer.

  • Smartphone and tablet linking – pair your Alarm & CCTV surveillance to your Smartphone or tablet to view your property wherever you are. Feel safe knowing you can check your home whenever you want, get notifications if any alarms are triggered.
  • Full Color Night vision – gives you the advantage of being able to minor you property throughout the night, probably the most useful feature to have as many attempted break-ins usually occur in the cover of darkness.
  • 24-hour recording 
  • Wireless Burglar Alarms means no mess at all from installing cabling
  • Variable zoom optional – have the ability to catch any possible criminals should a burglary take place, police urge the use of CCTV in the home for this reason.
  • 4K HD – our CCTV cameras now have high 8 megapixel and wide-angle HD to give you the best quality surveillance.

The benefits of installing an alarm or CCTV in your home

There are many obvious advantages to investing in a home security system. However, there are other benefits that CCTV cameras and alarms can bring to your property than just surveillance –

  • Improved home insurance rates – becoming less of a target to criminal activity means your risk is lowered, and so is the price of your insurance. 
  • Identify criminals – plenty of CCTV footage is used by the police every day, this is a fast way to bring justice to criminals; keeping everybody safer, especially with our 8mp IP full 4K.
  • Low maintenance – compared to other security measures CCTV systems offer manageable maintenance meaning you can rely on them to protect your property for long periods of time.
  • Keep a record – for commercial and business CCTV systems you can monitor movements of employees, deliveries, and visitors.
  • Personal monitoring - with the new security alarms get notified any time the alarm is triggered straight to your mobile anywhere in the world.

Security alarm systems

Finance available - New systems from £53 per month (12 months)

Most security alarms these days are wireless systems, our new Pyronix wireless alarms have all the latest technology in them as standard, including mobile phone app smart setting and un-setting, pet friendly motion sensors, panic alarms, hard wired outdoor bell units with full LED illumination at night. These alarms are mess and hassle free as the sensors are wireless there is no mess from installing cabling all over homes, simple to use with quick set arming by pressing 2 buttons on the keypad.

New key fob remotes are now introduced with 1 button setting, night setting and panic alarms.

Monitor your home anywhere in the world with our new wireless alarm system, when triggered it will contact your phone directly, and you can install this system to as many phones as you like, this means when the alarm is triggered, all phones will be notified.

Most homes would have motion sensors in all rooms downstairs and have all doors covered by door sensors, some homes may benefit from sensors upstairs also. Our systems can now include new smoke, detectors, heat and CO2 to be linked into the alarm, this means if there is a fire and no one is home, you will be notified through the app.

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