For the very best CCTV and alarm systems in Blantyre, look no further than Redline Electronics. Our expertise in both domestic and corporate security systems has been keeping Blantyre residents safe and secure for many years. Now we want to do the same for you.

Fighting Crime in Blantyre

If you witness any suspicious activity in Blantyre, we advise contacting your local authorities immediately or call 101 in non-emergencies.

Just 14 miles south of Glasgow, Blantyre is a great South Lanarkshire location for commuters. By the same measure, Blantyre’s 17,000 strong population is enjoying a boost in local business developments and new builds. Whilst Blantyre has seen an improvement in its crime and anti-social behaviour statistics over the last few years, it is always best to take preventative measures to further secure your home or business property from crime.

Redline Electronics is a family run business which firmly believes that wherever we make our home or choose to work, we all deserve to feel safe and secure – Blantyre is no exception to
this. As experienced security engineers, you can trust that our CCTV and alarm installation service will provide significant protection for your property. In fact, we are delighted to share
our Checkatrade rating of 9.9/10 with over 60 reviews.

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Our Blantyre Security System Services

At Redline Electronics, we offer a great range of CCTV installation and alarm system services in Blantyre to suit every budget and specific requirements. You can find the details below:

Wireless Alarm Systems

As experienced security engineers, we can perform a full wireless alarm system installation. Wireless alarm systems are renowned for their reliability and with Redline Electronics you can enjoy a two-year warranty. Our wireless burglar alarm installations in Blantyre can also make use of the latest technology whereby your alarm system is
connected to your smart phone. When the alarm is triggered, you would then receive a message. Our alarm specialists can also advise and provide remote key
fobs, vibration units for windows, door sensors, LED sirens and pet-friendly motion sensors.

Wired Alarm Systems

For those living or working in Blantyre, you are sure to find the perfect security solution in our range of wired alarm systems. At Redline Electronics, our security engineers will provide honest and helpful advice as to which wired alarm system will best fit the requirements of your property in Blantyre. We proudly deliver low-cost, high-quality wired alarm systems which feature the latest technology including LED backlighting, outdoor sirens and  panic alarms.

CCTV Security Systems

It is no surprise that CCTV systems are a known deterrent of criminal activity and our HD CCTV installation is popular in Blantyre for commercial and domestic properties alike. We promise to provide only the most reliable CCTV security systems and our security engineers have the experience to help you choose the most suitable CCTV system for your property. Whether you require CCTV with night vision, 24-hour recording, variable zoom, 1080p HD quality footage or a combination, we have it covered.
Connected to your Smartphone by one of our team members, you will be able to access your CCTV cameras from wherever you are.

Commercial Security in Blantyre

Redline Electronics has held its place at Blantyre’s premier commercial security system providers for a number of years. With a wealth of expertise in CCTV security
and alarm systems alongside a fantastic customer service, we have been rewarded a strong reputation. Listening to your commercial security requirements, our security
engineers will advise you on the best CCTV and alarm systems. We can also connect the security systems to your Smartphone whereby you can access any CCTV cameras when you’re offsite and receive notifications when if the alarms are triggered, or set and unset by your employees.

Why Choose Us?

We’re very proud of the work we do in Blantyre and we are happy to report that our customers are never let down by our security installation service. When you choose Redline Electronics you can benefit from:

More than 10 years’ experience
Fully qualified, disclosure checked security engineers
A friendly and professional service
A wide range of security systems to choose from
2 years’ warranty on all security alarms and CCTV systems

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If you like what you see, or have any questions about our CCTV and alarm installation services in Blantyre, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team!

wireless alarm Systems

Why would you go wireless ? 

  • There is no mess with these installations 
  • No damage to interior from running cabling
  • Sensors can be installed anywhere you like
  • Batteries can now last years 
  • These come with the latest software 
  • Easily connected to your smart phone
  • Maintenance cover offered with installation 
  • Easy setting with new Key fobs 

Wired alarm systems

Our Hard wired burglar intruder alarm systems can now be linked to your smart phones too, all you need is access to internet in your home or business. We carry out upgrades to old existing security alarms that will completely turn your system to a modern, secure Intruder alarm to keep your property safe. We also carry out complete new installations with new cabling and sensors. Redline are experts in discrete hidden cabling installations, just call us for more information and get your free quotation today.

cctv security systems

CCTV security installations can act as the best deterrent against intruders and with our new full high definition cameras with 24/7 recording and night vision you will never miss anything that happens on your premises. We carry out all different types of installations from small homes with 1 or 2 cameras to large business premises with around 16 or more CCTV cameras. Our systems are all hard wired for the best, reliable picture and of course are covered by our full warranty. 

Commercial security 

When you run a business the first thing you should think of is security to have eyes watching your business 24/7. At Redline we will carry out the best design of installation for your premises and take time to understand what you want from your security. With our systems you can remote access at any time and if you forget to set your security system, don't worry this can also be done remotely from your smart phone when you are even sitting at home.


Our maintenance plans have been said to be the best in Scotland as our plans cover both parts and labour for the whole year so you don't need to worry about anything going wrong with your security system. Your unique maintenance plan will be quoted on your system and is usually cheaper that our customers think. At Redline we are all about the after care and will continue to look after homes and business premises for years to come.

Expert security in blantyre

We are Burglar Alarm & CCTV experts covering Blantyre, Lanarkshire for many years now and will continue to look after Blantyre for many years to come. Avoid intruders by getting a free quotation from Redline today to see what we can offer you to make you feel comfortable in your home or to leave your business unattended. We are local installers and may have already done work in your neighbours house already.  

Quality Engineers Specializing in Security Alarms Installed & CCTV installs in Blantyre