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Redline Electronics provide reliable CCTV installation, security systems, and alarm systems in Carluke for homes and businesses. Our advanced technology helps to keep your employees, family members, and property safe. We are a family-run company, so of course we believe in keeping your home protected and secure. With different services and solutions suited to different needs and budgets, we’ll help to keep your property secure in Carluke.

Fighting Crime in Carluke

If you encounter any suspicious activity or behaviour around your property or local area, always contact your local authorities immediately or call 111 if it is not an emergency.

Carluke is Clydesale’s largest town and its with an estimated population of a comfortable 13,000. With a redesigned town centre for improved shopping and commerce, it’s advisable that homes and businesses implement security and alarm systems. Installing these measures
pre-emptively is always valuable; because you will have the peace of mind that
you are doing everything you can to protect your property.

We provide security systems to homes and businesses in Carluke that are suitable for different needs and budgets.

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Our Carluke Security System Services

We are providers of the following security systems and CCTV installations:

Wireless Alarm Systems

Popular for both homes and businesses, wireless alarm systems use reliable technology to monitor and secure your home.

We provide these alarm systems but also fit them for you as well, ensuring you
know how to use and access them if you need them. We offer remote key fobs which are popular amongst businesses, pet-friendly motion sensors that are popular for families, vibration units for windows, door sensors, and LED sirens. We can also connect this technology to your Smartphone so you will
receive a message should one of your alarms become triggered.

Wired Alarm Systems

Wired alarm systems are most budget-friendly than wireless alarm systems, but they are still high-quality and are optimised to keep your home secure. The wired alarm systems we provide in Carluke include LED backlighting, outdoor sirens, panic alarms, and more.
Without compromising on quality, you can protect your home or business in a
cost-effective way.

CCTV Security Systems

CCTV systems are a popular choice for businesses in Carluke, but they’re becoming increasingly used by homes too. We provide the technology and the CCTV installation to keep your premises safe.
High-quality video imaging in 1080hp HD is utilised to ensure that, if anything
unfortunate should happen, you are prepared and covered reliably. The cameras
also use night vision, 24-hour recording, variable zoom, and more. This technology also connects to your Smartphone, so you can check on your property whilst you are not there.

Commercial Security in Carluke

Commercial security and security technology for businesses are a safe investment for your business and premises. Keeping your team, property, and goods safe is understandably very important to all business owners, and this is why we recommend security technology and alarm systems. Our products allow you to track when alarms are set and unset by your employees, to monitor the CCTV footage from your Smartphone, and to receive notifications if and when an alarm is triggered.

Why Choose Us?

We continue to provide high-quality security and alarm systems in Carluke for homes and businesses. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built, with numerous reviews on Checkatrade and Trust Pilot all demonstrating the quality of our services. Invest in yours, your family’s, and your property’s safety today and contact us for your free initial

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