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Redline Electronics is a family-run businesses that provides high-quality CCTV installations, alarm systems, and security systems in Glasgow, with options that will benefit both homes and businesses. Our security systems and alarm systems in Glasgow are designed to keep your
property and family safe, so you can have the peace of mind every home and business owner should have. With our extensive range of security systems that cover all manner of requirements and budgets, Redline Electronics are your first choice for security technology.

fighting crime in GLASGOW

If you should experience threatening or suspicious behaviour, please contact your local authorities immediately or dial 11 if it is not an immediate emergency.

Glasgow is a huge city and a jewel in Scotland’s crown, its population reaching over an estimated 608,000 people. That is an abundance of people, homes, properties, businesses, and families. In
such a big city, it’s only natural to be concerned with your security, even as a simple defensive or pre-emptive measure. It’s been shown that Glasgow security systems deter home invaders because of the likelihood they’ll be detected after an alarm or through CCTV footage, so we believe they are a valuable preventative measure. There is no greater gift you can give your family or, as a business owner, yourself than peace of mind and security.

Our high-quality alarm systems and CCTV installations in Glasgow are specifically designed to protect you, your home, and your business. Contact us today to discuss your free quote.

Our Glasgow Security System Services

We provide the following security systems and CCTV installations to homes and businesses in Glasgow:

Wireless alarm systems

Homes and businesses in Glasgow have both found value in adding wireless alarm systems to their properties. As well as providing you with this security technology, we will also install it and show you how to use it so you can take control of your home security. Businesses are typically and particularly interested in our digital key fobs so that their employees can safely tap in and out of locked doors, and homeowners are very appreciative of our pet-friendly motion sensors. Our extensive range of wireless alarm systems in Glasgow continue through to LED sirens, vibration units for windows, and door sensors. Our technology is able to sync with your Smartphone, so you will be notified if and when an alarm is tripped.

wired alarm systems

Wired alarm systems in Glasgow are best suited to independent businesses and homeowners who need to adhere to budget constraints. Cost-effective and still operating at optimum performance, these wired alarm systems utilise panic
alarms, outdoor sirens, and LED backlighting. Of course, we will install your alarm systems and show you how to use them to ensure you feel secure in your property once our team departs. Without worrying about over-exerting your budget, you can still receive high-quality wired alarm systems for your property and family.

CCTV installation Glasgow

Glasgow CCTV installations are always popular with businesses, but now residential properties and homes are realising their added security benefits too. Our expert team will install your CCTV cameras at high-priority points on your property, including doors and windows, and show you how to monitor them. The CCTV
security systems we use capture 1080hp HD footage to make sure that, if
your property were to be targeted, you have high-quality footage to resolve the
unfortunate incident. Our CCTV cameras in Glasgow also capture footage in night vision, 24-hour recordings, variable zoom, and other industry-leading key features. This advanced technology can also be synced to your Smartphone, so you can monitor it whilst you are away from your property.

Commercial Security in GLASGOW

Business security systems in Glasgow are highly recommended to the business owners who have put a lot of time and effort into building their venture. Whether you are an independent business considering a security system, a customer-facing company, or a corporate office park, all can benefit from premises security. Track when your employees activate and deactivate you alarm system, monitor your CCTV footage through your Smartphone, and receive notifications when an alarm is triggered amongst many other key pieces of technology.

why choose us?

Redline Electronics have built an enviable reputation from many customer reviews across platforms such as Checkatrade and TrustPilot. We’re very proud of the work we do for businesses and families seeking to secure their properties with security systems and CCTV installations. To find out more about our alarm systems in Glasgow, boost your home security, or gain better peace of mind, contact a member of our team today to receive your free initial quote.

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