The Redline Electronics team is a family-run business that understands the importance of keeping your family, your employees, your property, and your belongings safe. We provide high-quality security systems in Hamilton, with many different solutions available to suit different budgets. Security systems are known to be a deterrent for those targeting your property because of the fear of alarms or being detected, so investing in security systems may help keep what’s important to

you, safe. With a range of different solutions to suit a range of budgets, our security systems will help to protect your property in Hamilton.

Fighting Crime in Hamilton

Should you witness any suspicious or threatening behaviour, always contact your local authorities or call 111 if it is not an immediate emergency.

Hamilton is one of Scotland’s bigger towns, with a population of an estimated 54,000. In larger population areas, protecting your property may be more prevalent on your mind than if you lived
in an area with less people purely because of these numbers. While nothing may have happened so far, it’s understandable that you’d want you and your property to go undisturbed in the near and distant future too. We believe in acting before anyone else has a chance to react, so you can have peace of mind whilst you relax in your property or leave your office feeling reassured of its

We provide security systems to homes and businesses in Hamilton that are suitable for different needs and budgets. 

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Our Hamilton Security System Services

We are providers of the following security systems and CCTV installations:

Wireless Alarm Systems 

Suited to both homes and businesses, wireless alarm systems are reliable ways to keep your property secure and monitored. Wireless alarm systems make use of technology that allows them to sync with your Smartphone and send you alerts if your alarm is triggered, even when you’re away from your property. We don’t just provide you with the technology, but we also install it and make sure that you know how to work it and monitor it before we leave you to your secured home. Two key features include remote key fobs (popular amongst businesses) and pet-friendly motion sensors (popular for homeowners). Other features also include vibration units for windows, door sensors, and LED sirens.

Wired Alarm Systems

Wired alarm systems are the most budget-friendly counterparts to wireless alarm systems, because they still provide high-quality monitoring for those more conscious of price. This makes them especially popular with small businesses and homeowners. Their features include LED backlighting, outdoor sirens, panic alarms, and more. Without compromising on quality, you can still receive security and alarm systems that adhere to your budget.

CCTV Installation and Security Systems 

CCTV security systems are being used more and more by homes and not just businesses, because they’re incredibly efficient and reliable if an incident were to happen. Our systems capture footage at 1080hp and in high-definition, so should your property become targeted all of the high-priority points that are being monitored will be caught in detail.
Footage is also captured in night vision and over 24-hou recording to ensure
that no potential incident or trespass is neglected. You can check the live
feeds from your Smartphone, as this technology syncs up with your device, and
we will show you how to do this when we install your system for you at your

Commercial Security in Hamilton

As well as the remote key fobs, or digital keys, that are available as part of our wireless alarm systems, we also offer many more solutions fit for businesses. With our security systems for businesses in Hamilton, we offer the ability to track when your alarms and set and unset, CCTV installation, and Smartphone integration so you can check up on your office, premises, or shop whilst you are away.

Why Choose Us?

Redline Electronics is a family-run businesses, so we hold your business interests and your family very closely to our services. We understand the need to feel safe and secure in your own home or when you leave your business for the evening, and we’ve gained an impressive reputation for our delivery of services. Simply take a look at Checkatrade and Trust Pilot to see our excellent reviews and customer experiences. Contact us today for your free initial quote.

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