TV wall mounting helps to make your living room appear more stylish, neater, and enhances the viewing experience for anyone watching television. As most TVs are located in the living room, the central family room of the house, watching television is communal and brings people together. Redline Electronics have found that not only do our customers value a better viewing experience, but that they are also seeking to hide the tangle of wires from view from the back of the television. TV wall mounting in Wishaw successfully does both of these things, helping to provide better TV watching and also a better visual appearance to the room itself.

Redline Electronics is a family-run company that understands a communal living space and television brings family and visitors together. This is why we provide TV wall mounting in Wishaw at competitive prices after an honest quotation.

Our Wishaw TV Wall Mounting Services

How our team will help you with your TV wall mounting needs:

Hidden Cabling Specialists 

TV wall mounting in Wishaw is used by families and homeowners to hide the abundance of cables that are inevitably plugged into the back of your television. We’re able to conceal cables in all wall types, including brick walls, and are happy to take on complex or tricky wall mounting jobs. Concealing the TV cables help to give your living room a neater appearance, especially attractive if you have friends over regularly or your living room is visible through front-facing windows.

Power sockets & different cabling

When hiding plug sockets, we can install these behind the television and subsequently behind a wall, leaving no trailing wires behind. We also conceal HMDI cables, scart cables, aerial cabling, satellite cabling, surround sound wires and digital television cables to create a seamless finish between television and wall. This helps your living room appear neater, more stylish, and more comfortable.

Brackets and Shelving

We will provide all of the brackets that you need to install your TV wall mounting. We carry all of the different sizes of television brackets, including small brackets and large swivel brackets for adjustable TV angles. As well as installing brackets, we’ll also happily install any shelves you may have purchased to house television boxes and consoles on. Our team will even install your new electric fire beneath the television if you’ve recently purchased one!

Better Watching Experience

TV wall mounting in Wishaw creates a more immersive and engaging watching experience for your audience, making movies and sports matches even more nail-biting. Your living room is your communal living space, so bring people together in a room that is neatened and dynamic, with everyone being able to see the screen clearly and without obstruction.

Why Choose Us?

Redline Electronics, as a family-run company, understand the importance of bringing people together, whether just for a relaxing evening or to become engrossed in a movie. Our dedication to customer service is exemplified by our many positive Checkatrade and TrustPilot reviews, and we are well known for always delivering high-quality TV wall mounting in Wishaw. Speak to a member of our team today to receive your free initial quotation.

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